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Anonymous asked: Top 10 hottest footballers?

Xabi Alonso

de rossi

Iker Casillas

Fabio Cannavaro

Yoann Gourcuff

Mats Hummels

David Beckham

Niko Kranjcar

 Jack Wilshere

 Olivier Giroud

Rafael Nadal- World's No. 1
    ↳ "Fall down seven, stand up eight."


sexy can i


Angelitto Hearts <3

What an amazing player!!!!He’s always talented in attacking and hard working in defense!!!!!!He worth 100millinon too,REAL!!!

Hala Madrid.

Mesut Özil greets his former Real Madrid teammates José Callejón & Raúl Albiol after the Arsenal/Napoli CL match | 01-10-13